Spiritual Front


Spiritual Front is a NeoFolk band founded in 1999 in Rome (Italy). It is composed of 4 members: the charismatic Simone Salvatori (vocals), Andrea Freda, Giorgio Maria Condemi and Federico Amorosi.

Simone Salvatori is the leader of the band. He is in charge of both lyrics and to develop the concept of the band. The lyrics of Spiritual Front are melancholic and address themes such as: sexuality, identity, religion and self-destruction. All of those topics are wrapped up in dark ballad or more classical folk melodies.

Spiritual Front has released 6 albums: Songs for The Will (1999), Nihilist Cocktails for Calypso Inferno (2001), Armageddon Gigolo (2006), Rotten Roma Casino (2010), Open Wounds (2013) and Black Hearts in Black Suits (2013).

  • Music Label: Trisol Records
  • Musical Style : NeoFolk, Post-Industrial
  • Similar artists : Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio
  • Links : Official WebsiteFacebook

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