Book: Boring Girls – Sara Taylor

BoringGirls_SaraTaylor01Sara Taylor

Boring Girls

Publication date: April 2015




Boring Girl is the first book written by Sara Taylor, aka Chibi from the Canadian band The Birthday Massacre.

When you first take the book in your hands you will read at the bottom of the cover, just below the title, the following words: “Metal. Mayhem. Murder.” At the beginning it is kind of difficult to understand how they will drive the story, but little by little you will finally understand how they take over the story and how powerful they are.

Boring Girls is the story of Rachel, a young girl who doesn’t fit in. She feels different from all the people who are surrounding her, whether it be her parents, her younger sister, teachers, or people her age. One day she meets Fern, a girl who will became her best friend. Together they will share their love of metal and way more. With two other friends, Socks and Edgar, they will create a metal band called Colostomy Hag and they will discover the music industry. We will follow their development and construction from teenager to young adult.

We can’t deny that the desire to read this book was influenced by the personality of the writer, but quickly one question rise: will this book met our expectations? At the beginning, when we discover the character of Rachel a doubt appear. She is young, maybe a bit cliché, but the more you read the more you want to know about her and her life. The words from the cover come to get you pretty easily and excite your curiosity. You will be surprise to see how dark and violent this book can be. You will have to face the hanger and the heavy atmosphere of it. Once you finally understand the meaning of the title of the book, you will fall from an almost bright place to a gloomy location. At this specific time everything change dramatically, but not for the best. There is no coming back.

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