Linea Aspera

LineaAspera01Linea Aspera is a Coldwave/Synthpop project created in London in 2011, which ended in 2013. It was composed of two members: Zoè Zanias also called Alison Lewis (vocal) and Ryan Ambridge (synths and programming).

Linea Aspera was an ephemeral musical project, but even if they split couple years ago the quality of their music was such that it deserves to be addressed. The band takes its inspiration mainly from electronic music from the 80’s, but you will also sense some also EBM and Industrial vibes.

In 2012 they released the album called Linea Aspera on which we found amongst other tracks the perfect Synapse or Maralone. It is a great introduction to the band and it will make you understand who they are.  Preservation Bias has a kind of Johnny Hollow touch. In 2013 they released Linea Aspera II, on which you will find the splendid Vultures.

The voice of Zoè Zanias is deep, sensual and soft at the same time. It is both spellbounding and captivating. Her voice with Ryan’s synth and programming create a dark, smooth and melancholic atmosphere.

It is definitely a regret that the band split and wasn’t able to produce more. It would have been a pleasure to follow them and discover how they evolve. However, for those who need more of Zoè Zanias voice you will be happy to know that she joined another band called Keluar.

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