Album Review: The KVB – Of Desire

TheKVB_OfDesire01The KVB

Of Desire

Released Date: March 11th, 2016




The KVB is Shoegaze/Cold Wave band created in 2010 in Southampton (Great Britain), which now operates from Berlin (Germany). It is composed of two members: Klaus Von Barrel (vocals and guitar) and Kat Day (synth). Of Desire is the 6th album of The KVB and is signed under the Invada Records (Portishead).

TheKVB02This new release opens with the light and hazy song White Walls. Night Games the second track is also made of this same kind of background. Lower Depths brings a heavy atmosphere. Silent Wave and Awakehave an electro rhythm with a strong impact, which create a cold ambiance. Primer is original as it is a shoegaze track on which a bit of 80’s touch have been added. Never Enough finally comes. You will recognize the heady track, both slow and catchy. In Deep follows and brings some repetitive but effective rhythm. V11393 is a traditional shoegaze song, with a cold instrumental rhythm. Unknown and Mirrorsare slow and nostalgic. Eventually the album closes with Second Encounter, which is similar to the opening track. The KVB complete here Of Desire on a vaporous touch.

Of Desire is a successful project. The KVB succeed into gathering under one album a peaceful yet powerful strength. It is fascinating to see how they capture the essence of different and sometimes opposite atmosphere and mix them into songs.

  1. White Walls (5:31)
  2. Night Games (3:18)
  3. Lower Depths (3:29)
  4. Silent Wave (4:54)
  5. Primer (1:37)
  6. Never Enough (4:11)
  7. In Deep (3:24)
  8. Awake (4:33)
  9. V11393 (3:49)
  10. Unknown (4:07)
  11. Mirrors (2:45)
  12. Second Encounter (4:00)


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