Album Review: The Midnight Computers – Anxious

The Midnight Computers


Manic Depression Records

The Midnight Computers is a post-punk/new wave French band from Lyon. The band is fairly new. Indeed, it was formed on October 2019, but that didn’t stop them from getting to work quickly and release their first LP Anxious, only few months later.

This seven track LP gives a good introduction to the musical identity that The Midnight Computers is building. It is also definitely consistent with the influences of the three members of the group: Jonathann Cast (vocals, programming) adds an EBM and industrial touch, Pascal Roeder (guitar, synthesizer) brings a 70s rock influence and Alexandre Saintorant (guitar, bass) his experience as a former punk guitarist. All that’s missing is a drummer to have the typical rock band, but The Midnight Computers replaced it by programming and synthesizer. Fear not, on paper the mix of genres may seem surprising, but the final result is really good.

The LP starts with Anxious, the eponym track. It introduces us to the new wave/cold wave/80s side of the band. This first track is catchy, with a heady chorus and the voice of Jonathann Cast is mechanical, almost metallic. This song may feel familiar because of its Ash Code touch. In the same vein we have the cold wave track Tears, but this time the voice is more haunting, as can be the voice of Volkan Caner (She Past Away).

Succubus is the second track of this LP and it is taking us over to the EBM and industrial side of The Midnight Computers: sounds are percussive and cold. Using this same line the track Disgrace is offering us a quick and nervous structure.

On the LP we also find tracks that explore other horizons, such as Laura and its shoegaze vibe, or Blinding Necessities with its electro waves and rhythmic loops with escalations and pauses. Murder Pain for its part makes way for a rock track and feels like Dave Grohl is hiding in the corner of the room. Finally, this LP ends with two bonus tracks, Our Most Beautiful Lies and Sportsmen, which seem detached from the rest of the LP, as less marked with a specific musical identity.

A debut LP is not an easy thing. You have to prove oneself and show what you are capable of. With the LP Anxious, it is mission accomplished for The Midnight Computers. They showed the variety of influences that drive them. It will be very interesting to observe the band evolve and see if they’ll favor one style over another.

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  • Anxious (4:44)
  • Succubus (3:12)
  • Laura (3:11)
  • Blinding Necessities (4:26)
  • Disgrace (2:50)
  • Murder Pain (3:51)
  • Tears (2:58)
  • Our Most Beautiful Lies (3:58)
  • Sportsmen (4:12)

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